17 Best Garden Lights To Buy In 2021

Morning and evening walks are important. So, why not make your walks happy? Garden lights ensure that you spend quality time every time you are in your garden.

Garden lights accentuate the beauty and lift your garden decor. The market is flooded with a wide array of garden lights. They come in different shapes and sizes. To help you lay your hands on the most appropriate lights, we have put together 17 best garden lights that you can explore.

Garden Lights

Bajaj Mini CDL 30-Watt LED Flood Light – This light is perfect for your garden as it is energy efficient and environmentally friendly. It covers a wide area, and it is waterproof and dustproof. It is pretty low on maintenance.

Bajaj Ivora Plus Linear LED Lamp 10W Cool Daylight B22 – Bajaj offers an extensive range of lanterns and torch lights. This LED light provides a high Lumen efficacy. It is environmentally friendly as it contains no mercury, which means no emission of UV radiation. It has a unique design that illuminates a wide area. It comes with a year’s warranty.

Hardoll 200 LED Decorative Solar Light for Garden – If you are looking for tall solar lights for your garden, this solar string light is the best deal for you. The auto switch switches on the light at night and switches it off in the morning, which helps in saving a considerable amount of energy.

Redfowl Outdoor Industrial LED Light – This product is made in India and packed with some significant advantages. It is energy-efficient and does not amp up your electricity bills. This light is high in durability and can last up to 50,000 hours. It comes with a two-year warranty. A waterproof case covers the lights, which ensures the safety and optimal functioning.

Quace Solar Powered Garden Lights – If you are looking for a premium light and can run for a prolonged period, then this light is a treat for you. It can run up to 12 hours only with a single charge. It has an elegant design that adds sophistication to your garden.

Hardoll LED Solar Garden Stake Light – This solar garden light adds beauty to your garden as it comes in unique sizes and shapes. It has a built-in solar panel that recharges the light during the day and an auto-switch which switches on the light at night. It can run up to 6 to eight hours after a single recharge. It is effortless to install as it requires no wiring or any other source of electricity.

Quace Solar Garden Light Scene Mashaal Light – This torchlight is a good deal for you to add a traditional look to your kitchen decor. It is made from polycrystalline silicon, which absorbs and efficiently converts energy. Apart from using it in your garden, you can also use it on your balcony and patio.

Quace Solar Powered Flame Hanging Decorative Atmosphere Lamp – If you want to watch movies in your garden, it is good to invest in these lights as they add the touch and feel of a movie theatre. It is designed in such a way that it can withstand rain. It is simple to install and does not require any wires.

Quake 7 LED Dark Sensing Solar Garden Lights – This light comes in multiple colors to make your garden more desirable. This is waterproof and weather-resistant. It can be used in numerous ways, like lighting up trees, pools, doors, etc. It offers multiple gradient options, or you can select just one color.

Mazda Energy Solar LED Street Light – One of the best features of this solar light is its auto-switch that switches off the light during sunrise and switches it on during sunset. This helps in conserving a considerable amount of energy. It comes with a year’s replacement warranty.

Hardoll Solar Light – This solar light comes with a powerful and robust solar panel that gets charged in just 6-8 hours and runs up to 12 hours. It is easy to install and mount on walls. It comes with a night sensor mode that helps in saving electricity. You can use it in gardens or pathways.

Xergy Dancing Fire Solar Lights – This solar light has a ton of benefits. It comes with a super-efficient solar panel that gets charged during the day. The auto-switch switches the light on and off at sunrise and sunset, respectively. It does not require any wires as it depends on solar power for energy. It is made from ABS material which makes it waterproof, heat and weather-resistant, and rust and corrosion-free.

Hardoll Solar Powered Security Lights – These lights are designed to secure your garden or outdoor area from any suspicious activity. It has dual operating modes for continuous and motion-triggered lighting. It can detect any movement within 40 feet. It has the power to absorb maximum energy even on cloudy days.

Ifitech Solar Garden Designer Light – You can use this light for illumination or decoration purposes. It is highly efficient, weatherproof, and heatproof. The in-built battery is made from Lithium. This light is durable and can last up to 20 years.

Quace Security Waterproof 18 Solar LED Outdoor Light – This light has four modes: Steady Light, Bright Light + Dim Light, Bright Light + Light Off, and Off. It has PIR motion and a light sensor. It is equipped with 32 LEDs which impart high-quality brightness to your garden. The sensor detects human movement and automatically switches on the light.

Ifitech Solar Pillar Designer Light – This light is in the shape of a wine glass, which enhances the garden’s beauty. It has an in-built Lithium battery. It has a high lifespan of 12 years. It is made from aluminum alloy, PC lampshade, and tempered glass, making it highly resistant to harsh weather conditions.

Ifitech Solar Sensor Light – This is a motion sensor light. It takes 8 hours to charge this light and can run for an extended period of up to two nights. The motion sensor increases the brightness of the light as soon as it detects any human movement. It is the most suitable choice for gardens as it can withstand rain and other harsh weather conditions.

It is easy to give a fancy look to your garden without amping your electricity bills. However, due to the market’s extensive range, it might get intimidating to choose the ideal one. We hope you could find the right choice and illuminate your garden just how you like it with this blog.

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