A World with Robots? An Insight into AI

How do you feel like when AI robots will do most of your task?

Well, this has already been started. You walk through your room and the lights are on automatically this is AI. You feel hot and switch on the AC with your smart phone this is AI.

You drive a car while relaxing during your way back to home; a self-driven car will make your ride adventurous laying in the seat with a cup of coffee in your hands.

Artificial Intelligence and Robots

What more do you expect?

The buzz word AI has not just invaded in our life but even in a newspapers, blogs and articles. This has been a talk of the town. Let’s be honest to yourself you are already in the possession of these technology driven equipment.

For instance, in companies or industries the repetitive task assigned cannot be done from human power for faster production we need someone reliable a good source is AI tech.

Is it true AI is replacing humans?

This search word is been on the internet and the fear of humans is making me anxious. Believe it or not, many task performed by them cannot be performed by us.

AI robots are capable of doing what they are designed for; as this explains AI have the ability to perform certain task better than humans. For example, financial analysis, data entries, storing and evaluating is done through such technology.

Most importantly these AI robots never get sick, get fatigue and even lost consistency. Obviously, they still can’t be better than us. If you are searching for thesis help you probably think of what kind of writer is working on my thesis whether he/she is a human or an artificial robot.

There are pros and cons for everything design in this world. Like it said, things can’t be perfect, human are not and not even machines as they are designed by the humans.

If you have watched the movie IRobot where William Smith was a detective founding clue of the murder case of the scientist, the AI robot Sonny wanted to invade the human race as he was capable in interacting with humans and had emotional aspects he makes it different from other robots.

Lastly, the robot could not invade the humans. This shows that whatever technology advancement increase robot will be just robots.

Embracing AI with a shift to enactment

A word of mouth has been spread as AI will make your work experience better not only that it will create a digitalized lifestyle where most of your boring trying work will be done by these AI tech.

As many big giants are invading this tech service for innovativeness, for CEOs and CODs they do not want to leave behind with such a great opportunity.

AI has been entering one by one to in sectors like industries, education, and HR and research analysis. AI has still long way to go as it is said to be in the infancy stage. The level 3 stage where implementation is has steadfast more often.

Talking about AI education you will find more or less schools or educators implementing digitalized education. What AI we see in movie and get captivated by it is a lot different from the real world.

Teachers and robots work together in a way to spread education digitally. How? The IBM speech to text technology in the IBM cloud has made possible outcomes of checking the students’ performance and interactions as well as injecting planning and feedback cycle.

Japan will install 500 English speaking educator robots that will teach Japanese English speaking skills according to NHK.

AI will not make you jobless but be a helping hand

While many of us are concern about the trending topic are we losing our jobs just because of merely AI tech? The answer is you are already in the phase where most of the work has been done by this small tech.

you cannot run away from the situation face it. When industries were not a part of our daily life there were jobs available for human race to make product with hands were in raise.

Then industrial revolution become popular and a shift to hand made products turn to machine learning strategies. However, most people were worried about jobs security and unemployment in the economy.

Humans invent and adopt and evolve. Sometimes you want to check your dissertation writing whether it is plagiarism free or not the top dissertation writing service will help you with their AI software.

The software enables no error missed out in your writing. The industrial revolution make things easier for humans as big machines reduced the cost create productivity and increase the revenue.

This revolution did not make people jobless instead create more opportunity as humans reinvented news job through this tech. As debate about machine learning and artificial intelligence will transform new jobs and reinvent and restructure process for such jobs.

A world transforming into digitalization

We live in the environment where technology has invade much of our task, from the smart phones till the high software devices made easy to extract data. AI tends to be problem solver as decision making criteria are set by it.

You just need to input data setting in your AI robot and just relax as your task will be done by an AI robot. In the near future you will see advancement in a work force life where smart machines will interact with humans as well as invade in our daily life.

A bitter truth about AI is it will demolish some of the jobs such as factory operators, HR recruiter; even teachers in some way possible however, will cater new job opportunity as new innovation brings new structure of learning things.

The research predicts that 47% US workers have high predictions of their jobs to be automated over the next 20 years. Fast production, digitalized learning, smart working software, machine learning and speech recognition techniques is all about AI.

But still it will not do much of the destruction. Even if someday robots do invade the world like in those movies example transformers but in the end everything will be grasp by human race.

A World with Robots? An Insight into AI
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A World with Robots? An Insight into AI
A World with Robots? An Insight into Artificial Intelligence
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