7 Benefits of LED Lighting & LED Bulbs (2021)

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode which is a semiconductor device through which when an electric current is passed it emits light. LED’s are bright, soft, and elegant and it has variations in colors which gives a very colorful effect when switched On. LEDs are very common and attractive now and they come in different shapes and sizes. The most amazing fact about LED lighting is that they are very simple, unlike some other chip which have dozens of pins. Due to many benefits of LED lighting you should definitely replace your conventional light bulbs and switch to LED light bulbs. Now, let’s have a look at some of the advantages of LED lighting one by one.

Benefits of LED lighting

1. LED’s are more energy-efficient:

Light Emitting Diode(LEDs) are more energy-efficient than traditional lights or fluorescent lights because LEDs consume less electricity and so your electricity bills can be reduced. The electricity bill that comes every month is the thing everyone dreads and the type of lighting makes a major difference. So switching to LED lights is the best way to curb costs manifold. They are very reliable and energy efficient which is an ideal choice especially in commercial spaces and it is gaining popularity in many spaces. Advantage of LED light bulb is that it consumes about 1/10th of the power consumed by an incandescent bulb.

2. Variety of lighting options:

LED lights have a wide variety of color options that can be changed according to your needs and this option is not there in traditional bulbs. Traditional bulbs keep you stuck in one color theme whereas with the use of LED light bulbs you can have variations in the color theme in your house. Whether it’s your room, living area, kitchen, or outdoors, LED lighting can give your place a different and elegant look which is not the case with a simple traditional bulb or light.

3. Smart lighting:

Many LEDs are smart lights that means they have IoT(Internet of Things) function. These Smart LED lights are operated by the application of your phone or by some digital assistant like Google home. You can turn On or Off the lights with your voice command and there is no need to go to the switch and turn it on-off manually. You can use the IoT-enabled sensors and control your office and home lighting with your smartphone.

4. LED lights are eco friendly:

LED lights do not contain mercury or ultraviolet emissions and hence they are eco-friendly. It consumes less energy and saves the cost on electricity bills. LED light bulbs last longer than the traditional light bulb. Another benefit of LED bulb is that they don’t break easily after one fall and since they do not contain a glass shield like incandescent buld, they are safe even if they fall and break and quite handy to use. LED light is directional in nature which means it is highly focused so it reduces the light pollution as the unwanted scattered light is reduced. LED lights are designed in such a way that they don’t generate vibrations hence it reduces noise pollution. Since these light bulbs do not contain any kind of heating filament as in case of incandescent bulbs, they are much cooler and doesn’t make room hot.

5. Low maintenance cost:

The maintenance cost of LED lights is very low as compared to the traditional lights, in fact, it is negligible. LEDs are widely acknowledged for their durability as they can last 20 times longer than an incandescent lamp. LEDs are increasingly in use where halogen and fluorescent lamps are fitted. LED lighting is widely used for big area and yard lighting segments ensuring optimum performance.

6. Easy installation:

Whenever we think about installation of any electrical device, the first thing which comes in our mind is the complexity and fear of electric shock. However, that’s not the case with LED light bulbs. One of the benefits of using LEDs is that they are compact in size and make the installation process very easy and versatile. This installation process has become very easy over the last few years. Traditional light fittings required lots of wiring in the system but now there are modular options making the installation process much easier and LED bulbs are made for every type of fitting so the process becomes easy and convenient.

7. Fits perfectly for commercial applications:

LED lights are installed in commercial places a lot since they are quick and responsive when they are turned On or Off as they do not required to be warmed up as in case with metal halide lamps. Further, frequent switching do not cause any degradation. These lights come in various shapes and sizes they are very useful for outdoor lighting like street lights, stadium lights, yard lights, warehouse lighting, and more . Since they are very durable, reliable, and energy-efficient, they are perfect choice for indoor lighting too like office spaces, parking lots, conference rooms, reception area, etc. There are some LED bulbs that are bright and produce good quality light than the traditional lights and they give off less heat than halogen bulbs which will eventually reduce the air conditioning costs.

Conclusion: With all the above benefits of LED lighting & advantages of using LED bulbs, you would surely like to install them in your homes to not only save money but also help in making environment cooler and greener.

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