2021’s Best Air Coolers in India To Buy Online

You may agree with me that in a tropical country like India an air cooler is not less than a blessing in the summertime, particularly for a middle-class family which can’t manage to buy expensive Air Conditioner and they are looking for some cheaper and effective alternative to an AC. Keeping this in my mind, I decided to write this article where I am going to talk about some of the best air coolers in India which you can purchase.

Luckily, with the invention of room air coolers with the latest technology, you can find many best air coolers in India which you can buy online. However, with so many options available, it becomes very difficult to pick the best air cooler for yourself.

So, in this article, I will help you and take you through some of the cheapest and 2021’s best air coolers in India which you can easily buy online. I will also explain in short the good and bad points about each of these air coolers so that it becomes easy for you to choose the right one.

Difference between an Air Cooler and an Air Conditioner (AC)

Before we start looking at some of the best air coolers in India in 2021, let’s understand the difference between an air cooler and an air conditioner.

working of an air cooler

Working of an Air Cooler

As the name suggests an Air cooler is a simple electrical appliance that cools the air inside the room. The air cooler consists of a powerful motor that rotates the fan blades. The fan blades are made of either plastic or metal and blow the air out with great force.

The fan is surrounded by mesh from all three sides. This mesh is made from either synthetic fiber or natural wooden scrapings and has a honeycomb shape. The function of this mesh is to remain moist with water and exchange heat from the incoming warm air coming from the surrounding.

Just below the fan, there is a water storage tank that has a small opening to fill the water. On the outer body of an air cooler, there is a water level indicator that tells you to fill the water when it’s low and you see the indicator near the red mark. You will also come to know when to stop filling the water in the tank once the level indicator reaches the ‘Max’ point.

When the air cooler is turned ON, the electric pump sucks the water from the water tank and pours it on top of the honeycomb-shaped mesh fitted on the three sides of the air cooler. This process is continued till the cooler remains ON and helps to keep the mesh wet all the time.

The electric motor rotates the fan blades at high speed which sucks the air from the surrounding. This room air after getting sucked inside the cooler passes through the wet mesh where it gets cooled and then blown out by the fan with a great force. This cold and moist air is forced out through the vents fitted at the front of the air cooler.

Someone sitting in front of an air cooler will surely feel somewhat cool because of the cold air coming out of the cooler. So, the faster the fan blades rotate the more cold air is blown out of the cooler and the room temperature drops even at a faster rate.

Air coolers are easy to maintain since they have fewer working parts that are easily available in the market. The air cooler doesn’t require any kind of a voltage stabilizer or any kind of gas like an AC. Air coolers are very easy to operate and consume very little electricity as compared to an AC. They are also quite portable and can be easily shifted from one room to another.

With an Air conditioner, you cannot do this kind of shifting since they are fixed on a wall or on the window. Air conditioners also consume a huge amount of power (approx 5 times more than an air cooler) and less easy to maintain where you need a professional to do its servicing and maintenance.

On the other hand, the working principle of an Air Conditioner involves complex thermodynamics. In a simple way, the Air Conditioners work on the principle of transferring heat from one location to another location. The major components of an AC are Evaporator Coil, Compressor, Condenser Coil, Expansion Valve, and a Refrigerant (Freon).

With the help of these components, the hot air inside the room is cooled down and the heat absorbed from the room air is later thrown outside the room. In this way, the room temperature starts to decrease making the room cool. ACs can bring down the room temperature as low as 10°C even when the outside temperature is 36°C.

Now you must have got little idea about how an Air Cooler & Air Conditioner works and what’s the difference between the two. So let’s move further and look at some of the best air coolers in India in 2021 you can buy online.

Important Things To Keep in Mind Before Buying an Air Cooler

We always regret whenever we buy a wrong product for ourselves. So don’t do the same thing this time while buying an air cooler. I will tell you some important things to consider before buying air cooler for your home so that you could make the right decision.

1. Price:

If you have made up your mind to buy an air cooler then I am sure you must be having a rough budget in your mind. With this budget in mind the first thing we all do is that we jump on Google and in the search bar we start inserting our queries like:
Best air coolers under 5000 Rs, Best air coolers under 7000 Rs, Best air coolers under 10000 Rs, Best air coolers under 12000 Rs, and so on.

I must say that this is a perfect thing that you are doing! Since the price of an air cooler in India is the most important factor, the first thing you should do is just stick to your budget and keep exploring the products in your budget either online or in the physical stores.

From my personal experience, I always recommend remaining strict with your budget and then accordingly search your product without first looking at its features. Many times you end buying an expensive product and later on you realize that there is a similar product available in the market at a much cheaper price.

So always give priority to your budget and make little effort to find your product in a price range which you have in your mind so that you don’t regret later on.

2. Climate:

Climate is an important factor to consider for selecting an air cooler. There are mainly 2 types of air cooler. One is Dessert Air Cooler and another one is Personal Air Cooler. Dessert air coolers are used when the surrounding air is dry and hot. These air coolers also consumes more power and cover big areas like hall or living room. So if you are living in such area then you can choose this type of air cooler. Personal air coolers are smaller and consumes less power. For an individual, a personal air cooler would suffice. You can find some of the Best Dessert Air Coolers and Personal Air Coolers in India here.

3. Features:

Air coolers comes with a wide variety of features like Portability, Cooling Pad Thickness, Speed Control options, Automatic Water Level indicator, Weight of cooler, Remote control option, etc. You can select your air cooler based on these features.

You can buy from below:

Air Coolers With Remote Control

Air Cooler Without Water

Air Cooler with Humidity Control

Air Cooler with Ice Chamber


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