How To Buy Best Microwave Oven in India: A Complete Guide (2021)

Ovens are the need of the hour. We have curated a list of some of the hand-picked and best microwave oven in India to help you to analyze your requirements and distinguish better.

So please go through this article and get yourself the most impressive and multi-purpose microwave oven as we have incorporated the best guide of ovens in India.

The oven is the most required component in the Indian household. Everyone craves freshly baked goodies. Cooking food at home is much better than restaurant food as home-cooked food is healthy and hygienic.

A  oven requires less oil while cooking as compared to frying. Also, baking cakes at home instead of purchasing from local bakeries can help you set aside some cash. 

However, ovens accompany numerous such highlights that would ease up your kitchen errands without any trouble. 

Apart from baking and leading a healthier life, ovens help save power and reduce your electricity bills. The choices accessible will suit your requirements if you play carefully. 

Things to see in a microwave oven:

  • Capacity
  • Type
  • Power Capacity
  • Additional Features

6 Best Microwave Oven in India

1. Bajaj 2005 ETB Oven

Bajaj Electricals is a pioneer in home and kitchen appliances.

Features of this oven are:

  • Capacity – The significant capacity of 20 liters makes it idle for prominent families as it can cook a good amount of food without pausing in between.
  • Grill Type – Apart from reheating, cooking, and defrosting, this oven can be used to grill your food without any hassle.
  • Electronic Control – It is equipped with electronic controls that help you control the amount of power flowing as per the type of food.
  • Auto Cook Menu – This helps in selecting the type of food you want to cook with just a touch of a button. 

2. Bajaj 2310 ETC (23 liters) Microwave Oven

It is a multi-function microwave oven that allows you to cook smartly and efficiently. 

Features of this oven are:

  • Capacity – This microwave oven features a total of 23 liters that helps in cooking a sufficient amount of food without any pauses.
  • Convection Type – This new technology microwave oven allows you to get better food than other ovens. The food is softer and fluffier. 
  • 800 Watts Output – The 800 high watt output helps in cooking food efficiently and quickly.
  • 95-Minute Timer – This microwave oven permits you to control your cooking prerequisites. As soon as your food is cooked, the timer will alert you at once.

3. Morphy Richards MWO 25 CG (200 ACM) Microwave oven

Master the art of cooking with this all-purpose microwave oven

Features of this oven are:

  • Power levels – It has many power levels that help you choose the power level as per the type of food you want to cook.
  • Auto-cook – The auto-cook features allows you to select various dishes from the already set dishes. The menu is pre-programmed, so you don’t need to save the dish options manually.
  • Stainless Steel Cavity – The stainless steel cavity helps in reflecting the rays of the microwave oven in all directions, which allows uniform heating of food. This helps in getting better food output.
  • Combination Cooking – It is a multi-function oven as it is a combination of microwave, grill, and convection. You get three functions with just one appliance. 

4. Morphy Richards 20L Solo Microwave Oven (20 MS, Black)

Unleash the chef in you with this microwave oven.

Features of this oven are:

  • Capacity – The 20L capacity of this microwave oven allows you to cook a significant amount of food without any pauses. It is an excellent buy for small families.
  • Power Levels – It allows you to cook your preferred dish as you have the liberty to control the power level.
  • Mirror Finish Door – The mirror finish door looks aesthetically pleasing and blends seamlessly with your kitchen decor.
  • Defrost – The exclusive defrost function helps you defrost the food evenly and uniformly without cooking or burning it.

5. Samsung 23L Solo Microwave Oven

Discover the pleasure of cooking with this oven. 

Features of this oven are:

  • Ceramic Enamel Cavity – The ceramic enamel cavity makes the oven scratch-proof, easy to clean, and no discoloration.
  • Healthy cooking – This feature helps you select the type of food you want to cook, either veg or non-veg. Once you choose the option, it cooks your food with utmost efficiency.
  • Triple Distribution System – This new technology microwave oven distributes heat evenly in all directions, which allows the food to be cooked uniformly.
  • Energy Saving Mode – The energy-saving mode helps in lowering down the Standby power consumption with just a tap of a button.

6. Panasonic 20L Solo Oven

Panasonic uses Japanese technology, allowing you to cook delicious food within a couple of minutes.

Features of this oven are:

  • Reheat – Want to get the same freshness from last night’s leftover food? Just use the reheat feature of this oven and get the same freshness back in a jiffy.
  • Defrost – This feature helps in defrosting your food in minutes without actually cooking it.
  • Auto-Cook Menu – The auto-cook menu allows you to choose from a wide variety of menu items that are already pre-programmed.
  • Easy-to-clean – Cleaning is more of a hassle with this oven. The water vapors help in cleaning the stains and dirt from the inner cavity.

Buying the best microwave oven in India can be intimidating as the market is flooded with a wide array of options. But, we have researched thoroughly and come up with a perfect buying guide for you to select the most fantastic oven this year. 

How To Buy Best Microwave Oven in India
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How To Buy Best Microwave Oven in India
In This Post We Have Curated a List of Best Microwave Oven in India to Help You to Analyze your Requirements & Distinguish Better. Read On!
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