The Most Common Mistakes When Shooting With Your Smartphone

There are many mistakes people make when they shoot with their smartphone.

The first is simply that they forget that it is a camera. It may seem obvious but for them, it is often a smartphone that films, it does not go further.

But in reality, it’s a camera they have in hand. Moreover, many professional videos and videos have been made with smartphones only.

The second mistake is certainly the most common is that they shoot vertically or in portrait mode. So, of course, it’s a reflex, but you have to get used to filming in landscape mode. Imagine a film made in portrait mode? It would not be serious.

Filming in landscape mode allows us to better harmonize the frame and make more beautiful its composition of images. We can film quickly but prepare his frame with a few quick glances.

Third mistake and not least, avoid the zoom. It is better to get closer because the zooms of our smartphones degrade the image considerably.

Even if the optics is really very good on most smartphones, unfortunately at the zoom level is not yet developed. We could still identify some basic rules for filming well with the phone.

Accessories to start the video on a smartphone

What is magic with a Smartphone is that we can start making videos of very good quality with very little material.

The starting bet to start is really weak. For just € 75, you can start making videos. For this investment, you can buy three essential accessories to get you started.

The first is a lapel microphone.

People often neglect sound when it’s important. You may have the best picture in the world but if your sound is not audible, the audience will flee.

Too bad when we took the time to make a beautiful picture. Remember that you must put all the chances on your side so that your viewer stays on your video.

In our time, we are constantly entertained by ambient elements like the phone, Facebook, emails, etc. If in addition, you add additional difficulty to your audience it will go very quickly.

A microphone is already present on our pretty toys and besides, I see many people who use it to make their videos. It’s a sound disaster.

With a cleaner sound, your viewer is more focused on what you are saying. For a lapel microphone, it is necessary to count from 15 bucks.

Second accessory: The tripod

While holding your smartphone in your hand, you will soon realize that making stable plans is not easy and the first consequence is that it will hurt your work.

With a tripod, you can take your time, heal the composition of your frame and adjust the position of your subject. You might soon observe that you have a new eye because you will not be in a hurry.

Believing that filming with a tripod makes the picture more static is wrong. You can pan by rotating the tripod head or filming downhill vertically.

Last accessory, the Shoulder Pod.

The Shoulder Pod is an accessory that allows you to shoot safely at the grip level. The Shoulder Pod can be used in 2 types of situations.

First, it can come in addition to the tripod. For me, they are indissolubly, the two together, they form an incredible duo. In a jiffy, it comes to screw on the head of the tripod to fix your Smartphone.

Another utility of the Shoulder Pod that makes all the difference with the other media that can be found on the market, is that you can shoot on the fly with incredible grip.

You gain stability and if you add an application that stabilizes your shots, you can make plans worthy of the cinema.

The bonus tip: Enhance your presence with social media

Irrespective of your niche or being an animation company in Dubai media city you can be sure that at one point someone will seek you on the social media platforms and your presence there is necessary.

By appropriately making use of your animated videos, you can get attention from more audiences, if it’s presenting your products and communicating your approach.

If we only talk about YouTube it alone has several views per day. While Facebook and twitter are also very encouraging of the video content since it’s a quick and easy platform to share.

Facebook comes in 2nd after the YouTube for video streaming and hence you can make the most of social media by leveraging the power of it.

The Most Common Mistakes When Shooting With Your Smartphone
Article Name
The Most Common Mistakes When Shooting With Your Smartphone
The Most Common Mistakes When Shooting With Your Smartphone
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