Transfer Full Privacy & Protected Domain in 7 Step (Screenshots)

Domain transfer from a GoDaddy account to another GoDaddy account or to a different domain registrar is a really scary thing especially when you are getting error messages related to your selected domains which have a Full Domain Privacy & Protection. Means, one of your Godaddy domain is having ownership protection and is protected from any kind of unauthorized transfer. So when you try to transfer a domain to another account you get this message as “You selected 1 domain(s) that are not eligible to be transferred” as shown in the image below.

Domain not eligible for transfer

If you are facing similar issues while transferring a domain from your GoDaddy account to another GoDaddy account of the new owner, then I will show you the exact and very simple step by step process (with screenshots) on how to transfer domains which have full domain privacy & protection and ownership protection lock to it. So let’s see the process of the domain transfer below.

How to transfer GoDaddy domain with full domain privacy & protection?

Step-1: Turn Your Domain Lock OFF

Log in to your GoDaddy account and go to My Products. Click on the Manage button given beside the domain which you wish to transfer. You will see the Domain Settings page. Scroll down the page and under the Additional Settings section, you will see that the Domain Lock is ON. Just turn it OFF.

Domain Lock OFF

Step-2: Downgrade Privacy Protection

Now, Again Go to My Products. Click on the Manage button given beside the domain which you wish to transfer. You will see the Domain Settings page. Here also you will find a Manage button below the Domain name. Click on the Manage button and you will see a drop-down appearing with two options. The first option to Upgrade Privacy Protection and the second option to Downgrade Privacy Protection. Choose the second option to Downgrade.

Downgrade privacy protection for Godaddy domain

Step-3: Confirm To Downgrade Privacy Protection

Once you clicked on the Downgrade privacy protection option, you will be asked to Confirm the downgrade to Basic Privacy Protection as shown in the screenshot below. Just click the Confirm button.

Confirm downgrade privacy protection

Step-4: Verify Your Identity

After clicking on the Confirm button in Step-3 above, you will be asked to Verify Your Identity because of the extra security added for your domain protection. Click on the Send Password button and you will receive OTP on your registered email address. Enter the OTP and click Verify.

Verify your identity to downgrade

Step-5: Transfer Domain To Another GoDaddy Account

After successful verification of your identity, you are now ready to transfer the domain from your GoDaddy account to another account. To do this, go to the Domain Settings of your selected domain and scroll down to Additional Settings. On the right side, you will find the links to Transfer domain to another GoDaddy account. Click on that link and proceed further.

transfer domain from godaddy

Step-6: Fill Up New Owner’s Information Form

Once you click the link, a form will open where you have to fill in the details of the new owner. Ensure that you insert the correct details of his email id and Godaddy customer number. Select the option ‘Yes’ if you wish to copy the current domain contact information to the new account otherwise select the option ‘No’ and click on Transfer Domain.

Fill details of new domain owner

Step-7: Acceptance of Domain By New Owner

After transferring the Godaddy domain, the new owner will receive an email with an activation link. He has to click the link to accept the domain into his account. Once the new owner accepts your domain, that domain will no longer display in your domain list.

Acceptance of domain by new owner

I hope this article has helped you in transferring the GoDaddy domain to another GoDaddy account when the domain is having full privacy & protection.

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