What is Honeycomb Technology in Air Coolers & How It Works?

We all know that an evaporative air cooler uses cooling pads to cool the hot and dry incoming air. These cooling pads are made from various materials, but mostly, they are made out of wool or synthetic fibers. Honeycomb cooling pads are a new type of technology that are used in modern air coolers.

Honeycomb cooling pads

The working principle of an air cooler 

The air cooler works on the principle of cooling the incoming air from outside and passing it through the cooling pads, which contain moisture. Due to the moisture, the air becomes cool, and this cooled air is then blown out with the help of a fan fitted inside the air cooler. The more moisture retained in the cooling pads, the longer the air cooler blows cold air.

Hence, the air cooler cooling pads play a vital role in determining the air cooler cooling efficiency. Honeycomb cooling pads prove to be quite efficient and provide continuous natural cool air.

Replacement of cooling pads

Due to the continuous usage, the cooling pads get worn out, decreasing the cooling efficiency of an air cooler. Hence, it is necessary to replace old and damaged cooling pads with new ones. The frequency to replace the cooling pads of an air cooler depends on the cooling pad’s quality.

Honeycomb cooling pads are more durable and long-lasting than Wood wool pads. Hence, while choosing an air cooler, make sure it comes with Honeycomb technology.

Bajaj air coolers come with Honeycomb cooling pads & hexacool technology that provides surround cooling and bacteria-free air. Watch the video of Bajaj air coolers to get more ideas.

Advantages & disadvantages of honeycomb cooling pads

As the name suggests, honeycomb cooling pads are beehive-shaped cooling pads and have a great capacity to retain more water and hence cool the air more quickly. These cooling pads cool air in a better way and last longer, and require less maintenance. The only disadvantage of honeycomb cooling pads is that they are expensive and release bad odor initially since the pads are new. But this odor diminishes gradually as the air cooler is used for few days.

Advantages & disadvantages of Wood wool cooling pads

Wood wool cooling pads are manufactured from the fibrous material of wood, cut down from the logs, and assembled in the form of grass.

These wood wool pads are also called ASPEN cooling pads. The little splinters of wood in the wood wool pads absorb water released from the water pump and quickly turn the hot, dry air into cold, moist air when the outside air passes through it.

These types of the cooling pad have a wonderful cooling efficiency in dry and extremely hot areas, which are mostly in Central or across North India, and are therefore mostly used in those regions. It may also be noted that the wood wool cooling pads are cheaper than honeycomb cooling pads and therefore, they are quite affordable for a common man who is looking for a cheaper and efficient air cooler.

However, the only disadvantage of having these type of air coolers is that they require more frequent maintenance and replacement of cooling pads since wood wool starts getting split up after their prolonged usage and hence in modern air coolers you won’t find these type of cooling pads.

Conclusion: Since we have seen that how the coolers with honeycomb technology work and the pros and cons of honeycomb cooling pads and wood wool cooling pads, I personally feel that if you want highly efficient cooling in your room, then ensure that you buy honeycomb technology air coolers instead of a conventional air cooler.

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