How To Effectively Market Your Business On Instagram

Storytelling is one of the most efficient ways to market your business. Instagram-the popular photo-sharing app tells the story via the pictures.

A single picture can describe 1000 beautiful words. But how you can stand with the crowd by having those pictures? It is very easy to take and upload the photo on Instagram; but how it helps to grab the attention on you around the crowd?

For that, you should be creative and innovative. To be unique from others you can use any third party editing tools or can simply apply the basic photography techniques.

Here are the few effective ways which help you to market your business effectively on Instagram.

Instagram marketing on phone

1. Post the pictures of your business activities

People love to see your businesses in action. So, take pictures related to your business. Use the magical filters of Instagram and give more life to your pictures. You can make your photo viral by buying Instagram likes.
• You can post the pictures of your products or services
• You can show any people who enjoy using your product.
• You can even share your employees’ action photos.
• You can share the pictures of the events conducted by your company.

2. Add Connection with the video

You can upload 60 seconds of video on your Instagram page. So, you can add any fun or interesting things in that video related to your business. It makes your customers happy.

For example:
• You can add the video of your product or services in action.
• You can add the video clips of the customers who enjoyed by using your product.
• You can provide simple tips through that video.
• You can even create a short commercial.

3. Engage with the followers

People who like your pictures or videos you will get the notifications on your pictures. Don’t forget to thank them or respond to their comment back. Because they will be helpful to market your business.

4. Display your services and products

Obviously, you have written all about your products and services on your website. But now it’s time to explain about them visually.

So, utilize Instagram to advertise your whole process of manufacturing and packaging of your products through photos. A detailed explanation of your pictures will surely help your customers to understand about you in a better way.

5. Tell the story with the collage apps

Instagram Stories & Videos

While you are trying to convey a message through the pictures; sometimes just one picture is not enough. You are in the situation to upload multiple pictures to your Instagram app even pictures that were made with another app.

For uploading multiple photos the applications like Frametastic or Picframe are extremely helpful. It brings multiple photos together to tell the story or show how your products or any other thing is made.

6. Show your Personality

Don’t be business at all times. Instead, showcase your business products with your pets, team funs, interesting things and places you find, etc. Because it will get more attention to the people.

How to Go Viral On Instagram?

Instagram is a great platform to make your content viral and get you a celebrity like popularity. Looking for ways to go your Instagram content, photos, videos go viral? Then follow the given below tips

1. Add your original photo

First, start from the basics and pick a photo for your profile that best represents you. Please, don’t use any of your artistic Instagram photos like food, flower, animals, etc. Because people always want to engage with the real people and not with an image.

Next, create a bio which says something about you and your interests, just like twitter bio. Make sure your bio sell you to your audience and get them to follow and engage with you.

2. Use trending keywords and hashtags

They help a lot to go your content virally on Instagram. To know about the trending keywords just check out them on Google Trends. Also, don’t forget to add hashtags for the important keywords. Be more conscious while you are choosing keywords.

Don’t use all your hashtags in the main description; it will annoy the followers on other social networks. So, just use one or two in the description and use the rest in the comments section.

3. Get noticed by someone big on Instagram

If the celebrity or famous people noticed about your content/images/videos on Instagram definitely it will go viral and reach more audience. But it is not easy to get noticed by big or famous people. Just keep producing unique and interesting content and collaborate with big influencers.

4. Make a video

There are no rules on what form your content must take in order for it to go viral, but videos are a big part of the web, and they get shared virally. So, create a video of your content.

5. Take good photos and aware about what filters to use

It is important to notice that, Instagram can help you to give better image only up to a certain extent. You actually need to put some effort at very first.

Before taking a snap, just spend some time to learn how your camera settings work and then concentrate on the subject of the photo that you would like to take after that edit the same in another app like Camera plus, Snapseed, etc.

After that take some time to go through the filter you want to work with the photo. After doing all this work, ultimately you can make an awesome photo. As always, the awesome photo will go viral without putting any other efforts.

6. Buy Instagram likes

Last but not least, buying Instagram likes is one of the significant methods to make your videos and photos virally. If you have more followers or likes definitely it will grab the attention of the new visitor.

Since many people are following your post the visitor will believe that it is worth to follow you on their network. It will again appear in his network. And those who are all in his profile will start to follow you or like your posts and due to that again your images and videos go virally.

So, these were some of the ways on how to grow your business on Instagram and how to go viral. If you have any suggestions to this article then kindly comment below.

How To Effectively Market Your Business On Instagram
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How To Effectively Market Your Business On Instagram
Best ways and tips on how to market your business on instagram and go viral.
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