6 Ways On How To Optimize Ecommerce Website and Increase Sales

How to optimize ecommerce website? Many companies today understand the importance of having an e-commerce site, but how can you optimize the conversion rate and increase sales?

We see in this article some useful tips for building a successful e-commerce, defining structure, products and images, but also the ideal purchase path for the potential customer.

Today the digital market is highly competitive, but there are some activities to be done to encourage the consumer to buy from your company’s e-commerce, instead of turning to that of competitors.

In short, it is a question of using the best strategies and techniques to optimize the conversion rate and increase the company’s turnover.

E-Commaerce Website Optimization

What is the conversion rate of the e-commerce site?

We can define the conversion rate of e-commerce website as the percentage of visitors that lands on the company site and performs the desired action in a given period of time and conversion is the main business objective of those who make online marketing.

Conversions, or the typical actions that the user can do on an e-commerce site, are different:

  • Online purchase
  • Adding the product to the cart
  • Adding the product to a whishlist (wish list)
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Social media sharing
  • Other KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) defined by the company.

This is a very brief explanation of the term conversion, but which can be useful for those who want to start improving the user experience on the website.

What is a good conversion rate for e-commerce?

On average the conversion rates are between 1 and 2% and, even if every web marketing activity is carried out in the best way, it will be difficult to exceed 2%. However, there are some techniques and strategies that can help you go beyond this threshold provided you know exactly how users behave on the website.

A tool that I suggest is, in this case, Hotjar for the generation of heat maps, or the points of the website that generate the greatest visualizations and interactions. Of course the secret of every web marketing technique is only one and that is tests, tests and tests.

6 Ways on how to optimize ecommerce website

So, here are some ways which will help you to increase your sales and making your website one of the highest converting ecommerce sites.

1) Increase conversions with quality images and videos

A well-made product sheet, with quality images and videos, gets more views and conversions. Everything starts, however, from a good marketing strategy that will help you define which products to bet on and highlight, for example, on the home page.

The best way to emphasize the characteristics of the product is to use emotional and captivating images and videos on the page, in order to capture the visitor’s attention and increase the conversion rate.

2) Offer free shipping to increase sales

Those who shop online know how much the shipping costs affect the final price of the product and not offering free shipping (or free delivery) means losing some customers, especially those accustomed to the advantages offered by the undisputed king of the industry: Amazon.

If, on the other hand, you really can’t or want to offer free shipping, include it in the price of the product, so that it looks even more beneficial to the user.

3) Offer limited promotions and coupons

The codes to buy a product at advantageous conditions have always been and always will be a great way to increase conversions and optimize e-commerce, attracting qualified traffic to the site.

The discount code creates, in fact, a sense of urgency that hardly anyone who loves shopping online will be able to resist.

4) Test the purchasing process of the e-commerce site

If checking out, or completing the online purchase process, is long and complicated or the process is based on an unusual mechanism it is very likely that the user will leave the website, even if he was in a position to be ready to buy your product.

5) Offer valuable content

Writing useful and valuable content will improve the perception of your product in the mind of the consumer and will increase the conversion rate of your e-commerce site.

In this case it is not just a question of optimizing the product card, but also creating specific landing pages or adding a blog to the site to educate, inform and create a relationship with the target audience.

Finally, valuable content will allow you to improve your site’s SEO positioning and increase the volume of traffic on your e-commerce.

6) Assist the customer with live chat

Assisting the customer in the purchase process with a live chat is another technique that can increase conversions, provided you are really available during working hours to respond in real time to customer requests.

It is an effective tool for building a human relationship with the consumer and building loyalty over time.


Today top professional animation companies move in a market with strong competition in which it is necessary to know how to distinguish not only with products of value and quality, but also with an original and captivating communication.

Without forgetting that, once the visitor has been taken to the e-commerce site, he must work to accompany him in the purchasing process or, at least, persuade him to leave his contact details for subsequent marketing actions.

So, these were some of the ways on how to optimize ecommerce website. Kindly comment below and tell us about this article. You can also give your valuable feedback and suggestions below.

How to optimize ecommerce website
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How to optimize ecommerce website
This article tell you about what is a good conversion rate for an e-commerce website and how to improve the sales by optimizing your ecommerce website.
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