Internet Getting Disconnected While On Call? See Quick Fix!

Many of us must have experienced that whenever we are on call, our internet gets disconnected. The Internet has become part of our life without which we can’t move a thing. We use the internet to search phone numbers, nearest salon addresses, beauty parlors, grocery stores, to get some information and many other thousand things.

When you are on call, your internet is not working and this is quite irritating because you have to surf the internet while someone is talking to you but you can’t access the net. This is not due to your handset model or brand, but it’s because of the android version as well as your phone settings. The latest android versions have resolved this issue but if you are still facing this problem then read on!

So How To Make Internet Work When You Are On Call?

No internet when on call

In this post, I am going to explain to you step by step process how to change your phone settings to get internet work while you are on call. These settings are basically for phones with android OS. So let’s have a look at these settings.

Step-1: Go to your phone settings and select SIM cards & mobile networks option as shown below.

SIM card & mobile networks

Step-2:  Here you will find your active SIM cards. If your phone has 2 SIM cards then select the one for which you want to resolve internet issues while on call.

SIM card selection

Step-3: Now once you have clicked on your active SIM card you will find the option called as Access Point Names.

Access Point Names in phone settings

Step-4: Select the Mobile Office option or whatever the second option comes in your APN settings as shown below.

Mobile office option in APN setting

Step-5: Under the Edit Access Point options you will find the option called Bearer. Select that option.

Bearer option in Edit Access Point

Step-6: In the Bearer field you will find many options. By default, the Unspecified option is checked. Remove that check from there and put a check on LTE as shown below.

Select LTE option in Bearer

Step-7: Click OK and click on More. Press Save and your settings are saved.

save the settings

Step-8: Reboot your handset and check if your internet is getting connected while you are on a call after these settings.

Internet working while on call

So, I hope this post has helped you in resolving your issue of the internet getting disconnected when you are on call. Please comment below and let me know if this has helped you in some way.

How To Resolve Internet Getting Disconnected While On Call Issue
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How To Resolve Internet Getting Disconnected While On Call Issue
In This Article, You Will Learn How To Resolve Internet Getting Disconnected While On Call Issue.
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