11 Mobile App Development Trends for 2020

Technology has been serving its best for the human world for a very long time, but with the pace that it has caught in this century or to be more accurate, in the last decade is unimaginable.

Handling with so many outstanding inventions, which were a dream once, merely lead a thought that the future holds more than what we have today.

App development trends

Mobile Technology in Today’s World

Mobile technology is one of the most ravishing inventions of science that has provided us with so much ease, entertainment, and flexibility to carry out many of our daily tasks remotely.

Because of its versatility, it provides people around the world with unlimited benefits. It is due to its advantageous characteristics, scientist and mobile app developers are struggling to introduce more fascinating functionalities to please the world.

Only focusing on the GUI (Graphical User Interface) is not the main focus of the mobile app developers these days, the urge to provide a diversion for the smartphone users, much more in-depth knowledge has been accumulated to come up with appealing applications.

It is no more the time when developers worry about the graphical representation only, and they bring in the use of the Best Tools for White board Animation or any other tools to create an animated GUI to impress the users.

Today, developers are striving to provide a much better experience in every other way possible.

Trending Features in Mobile App Development

Now that we have developed the knowledge that mobile app development is going far beyond the graphical representation and working on other traits let’s discuss some of the expected trends that are predicted to be followed in mobile app development in the year 2019.

1. Mobile In-App Payments

Payment methods that provide the users with an easy to make a purchase within the application are consumer’s utmost demand, and to fulfill their wish; developers are steadily working on making more applications that include in-app payments so that users can have their wishes contented.

2. Smart Devices, Wearable &IoT

We know that Apple was the first to launch the wearable device that connects with the phone and can be used without even using the real phone.

After the successful achievement of the Apple, Samsung also introduced its portable gears or wearable smartwatches that are used to operate the phone with ease.

In the coming who knows what technology would bring for us, but we are sure to see more amazing inventions over time.

3. Application Performance Management (AMP)

AMP listings have been embedded an integrated into the mobile apps so that it would be easy for the developers to use the HTML for creating a better and improved user experience.

They are monitoring tools that help the developers to resolve issues and also help to enhance the performance of the application.

4. Integrated with Cloud

Storage has been an issue for a long while until the concept of cloud came in front to resolve that issue, and with the emerging technology, all the developers are using the cloud computing and integrate into the app to provide more space for the users.

5. Instant Mobile Applications

Instant applications are believed to be the next step towards the app evolution. It is a universal solution for the smartphones that has brought the efficiency and power of the native applications with the ease and closeness of a web application.

These applications although look like installed app on the phone but there is no need to download them. Since this feature also receives good remarks, in 2019 it is predictable that we will be viewing more instant mobile applications than before.

6. Mobile App Security

With all the hacking and violation of personal data going around in the world, many smartphone app developers are focusing to provide a better experience for the users by focusing on working on application security.

Developers are aiming to keep the data of the mobile users safe and increasing their level of security, by implementing the encryption techniques in the mobile app development.

Currently, they are striving at the optimum level to work on the application security, and what will they come up in the future is still a mystery.

7. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

AI and Machine Learning have been playing a very significant role in developing smartphone apps these days more than we have realized.

Today many applications are utilizing the concepts of Artificial Intelligence to make the applications more exciting and convenient for the users.

FaceApp and SwiftKey Keyboard can be counted as the two most inspiring use of AI in mobile app development.

With the maximum use of AI and Machine learning, it is very easy to predict that we will be seeing more intelligent and smart concepts embedded in the mobile apps to make it more interesting.

8. Chat bots Integration

Chat bots like Siri, Cortana, or Bixby in the latest Android phones, are the best and the most appropriate examples that can explain the best use of AI integration in the app development.

Apart from the virtual assistants in the smartphones these days, many other applications, including smartphone games are developed using the chat bot integration in it to make it more interactive with the user.

With the positive response that chat bots have received so far, we are expected t see more mobile applications developed with the chat bots integrated into it.

9. Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

With so much involvement in the AI branches, mobile development apparently couldn’t possibly resist to not combined with the AR & VR to bring more exciting features and experience for the smartphone users, and we expect to observe more work in the development using the augmented and virtual reality.

10. Cross-Platform Development

Since the number of Android users and iOS users are always in competition with each other, there is always a fight and confusion reside in the society that which phone offers more useful applications for their consumers.

In order to minimize such muddles, developers now focus on developing the applications that can be operated and utilized on both iOS and Android platforms.

With the very optimistic results that have been achieved form developing the cross-platform apps for mobile phones, we are looking forward to witnessing more apps that can work on both popular operating systems.

11. Predictive Analysis for Prompting Mobile UI/UX

Due to a hefty amount of data it has become essential to keep track of all the statistical report of the data and keep an eye on how things are going and in which direction they are going in order to foresee what trends or features needs to be introduced for the users.

Predictive analysis has been carried out to judge what consumers are looking for, and with the help of those results, developers will come up with the better solution to improve the customer’s experience using the application.


According to the study and various research, it is highly predictable that new trends in mobile app development will bring a lot of changes in the developers’ practices.

In addition, it is assumed that with the emerging features it will encourage and motivate the developers to expand their potentials and introduce more benefits of mobile applications.

Not only this, but we can also conclude that by following these trends in the implementation of the smartphone apps, the mobile app market will stand out.


Author Bio: Eliza Martin is a senior Animator at 3D Rendering. She is a self-made lady, who has a degree in Computer Research. She is independent, ambitious, bold, and liberal. She has faced many obstacles but she always stood straight with a high head, fighting back with every single problem of her life all alone and succeeded like a pro. She has a passion for designing and her mind work likes magic with creativity. This is one of the main reason why she is the senior animator.

11 Mobile App Development Trends for 2019
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11 Mobile App Development Trends for 2019
Mobile Application Development Trends for 2019
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