What is Antimicrobial Lighting & How Does it Work?

Crowded and overpopulated places can pose serious health challenges. Studies suggest that the growing population and confined areas have led to the severe transmission of diseases.

Proper usage of antimicrobial lighting can reduce the risk factor to some extent. With technological advancements, lighting is not limited to just illumination but also to disinfect the environment.

Think of antimicrobial lighting as a continuous sanitizing agent of the place where we live and work.

How does antimicrobial lighting work?

These antibacterial lights effectively create an uninhabitable environment for harmful microorganisms like germs, bacteria, and viruses by breaking their molecular bond, which holds their DNA together.

Microbes cannot reproduce and multiply due to the destruction and damage in their DNA and RNA. This leads to the killing of these microbes.

These lights are scientifically tested for continuous use around humans without any harmful offshoots. The light emitted has all the rainbow colors, and this visible light spectrum can destroy microbes within 400-420 nm.

These lights have been approved for usage in multiple industries like healthcare industries, food industries, education, healthcare firms, public transportation, and recreation and wellness industries. 

Benefits of antimicrobial lighting 

Antimicrobial lighting is highly safe – The non-toxic nature of antimicrobial lighting makes it extremely safe to use around humans. The harsh chemicals used in disinfectants and sanitizers lead to several skin diseases.

These lights are environment-friendly as they work on a physical process and do not use any chemicals. Due to no addition of chemicals, it is widely being used by the food industry to keep the food items free from pathogens.

Many restaurants and medical services have resorted to antimicrobial lighting because of its harmless and safe nature. There is often a misconception that these lights can cause sunburn, but in reality, they are completely safe if used properly.

Highly effective – Antimicrobial LED lighting is highly effective than any other disinfecting agent. The germicidal capability of these antimicrobial lights can kill an extensive range of harmful microbes.

Some sterilization methods can leave a damp environment, leading to parasites like molds and spores. As antimicrobial lighting is a dry way of disinfecting, you can be sure that it will inhibit existing mold growth and forestall its development later.

Cost-effective – Antimicrobial UV lighting is a one-time investment. Unlike any other disinfectant agent, it is not required to be purchased time and again. With just one installation, these lights can be used for an extended period.

Another added benefit is low maintenance costs. These lights have been designed in such a way that it avoids any labor and maintenance costs. In addition, they are equipped with a unique lens that helps in killing the microbes through technology without chemicals.

Helpful for businesses – Antimicrobial lightning can protect your employees, clients, and guests from the spread of diseases. It can also cut down on the cost of purchasing sanitizers and disinfectants. These lights are smart as they turn on only when space is occupied. 

Improved air quality: The continuous spray of disinfectants in the environment degrades the air quality, which causes difficulty in breathing.

Antimicrobial and sanitizing lighting does not use any chemicals to kill the pollutants. Instead, they combat any airborne parasites and drug-resistant bacteria with their unique technology. In addition, they battle and destroy the contaminants discharged from air-handling units and fiberglass insulation. 

Application of Antimicrobial UV lighting 

Water Treatment – Treating water with harsh chemicals can kill its nutrients. Antimicrobial UV lamps give a protected, proficient approach to treat water without the need to utilize unsafe synthetic substances that cause contamination in streams, seas, and different waterways.

These lamps effectively purify water for drinking purposes, life science applications, and industrial purposes. 

Surface Sanitization – Antimicrobial UV surface disinfection is exceptionally a great tool in numerous industries. Many medical clinics use UV sanitization for sterilizing medical equipment like PPE kits and surgical gloves.

Surface sanitization is not just limited to hospitals but extends to cafes, restaurants, and commercial pantries. UV lights essentially improve a sterile climate in clinics and help to forestall the spread of infection.

Food industry – UV germicidal lights give numerous advantages to food ventures. FDA has approved the use of antimicrobial lighting as a powerful and safe strategy for food treatment.

It helps increase the shelf-life, keeps it fresh, preserves the nutritional value, and prevents any development of pathogens in the food. These antibacterial lights can prevent germs from aggregating on food arrangement surfaces and eateries. 

Air Sterilization– Air sterilization is vital in hospitals to improve patients’ health conditions with any respiratory diseases. They also prevent the spread of diseases and infections within the hospital. This sanitization method can be used to disinfect public places like schools, airports, railway platforms, etc. 

Antimicrobial lighting is safe, non-toxic, cost-effective, and environment-friendly. In a nutshell, it is packed with great benefits.

The poor quality of air is growing as a significant concern for health officials. But the proper use of these lights can eliminate any pathogens from the environment and makes the air safe to inhale.

Adding antimicrobial lighting can help reduce airborne and food borne infections. Thus, it helps in reducing any spread of diseases.

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